Leading-Edge Technology

4 G has implemented a scalable, technical infrastructure that can flexibly support growing client volume while delivering the highest levels of service. Our customer contact centers feature state-of-the-art technologies, including predictive dialers, digital switching, digital recording, workforce management systems and automated call distribution systems.

Total Security

The 4 G data center is highly secure, accessible to authorized personnel only. A keycard system automatically records each time a person enters the center, and closed circuit cameras record all activity. Using dedicated bandwidth, all 4 G contact centers receive secure, live data feeds with which to conduct customer contact activities. A wide-area network (WAN) connects our customer contact centers, clients, and business partners to our data center. The WAN network features more than 200 circuits, nearly 200 routers from Cisco Systems, more than 300 LAN switches and multiple firewalls.

Analytic Solutions

4 G uses its proprietary pattern recognition technologies to predict which of your customers will defect or grow months before they do. As a result we create "hot lists" to facilitate integrated customer management outreach programs. Similarly, for customer acquisition programs, we use our predictive technologies to laser target those prospects with the highest propensity to buy. In doing so, we deliver unparalleled sales per hour rates. Beyond making predictions of behavior, our systems will also provide key marketing intelligence so that we can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time with a relevant positioning. Our predictive technologies, coupled with our ability to professionally design and execute both outbound and in-bound campaigns, are yet further evidence of 4 G's position as an innovative outsource partner.

Backup & Redundancy

The hub of the 4 G network is our data center, located at our corporate headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania. The 10,000-square-foot data center is manned on a 24x7 basis and houses the servers and infrastructure that support all company operations. There are several UNIX-based, Hewlett- Packard HP-9000 servers running on HP-UX version 11.i, with one configured as a fail-over in the event another experiences difficulty. We also have an agreement with SunGard Recovery Services, maintaining complete dual network connectivity to expedite hot cutover of the systems in the event of a disaster or other interruption.

At 4 G, our people, the processes they enable, and the state-of-the art technology they use represent one of the most powerful competitive tools your organization can offer to position itself for success. We offer a technically advanced and integrated platform that has been accessed by companies of all sizes. Our contact centers set the standard for quality customer contact and results-driven accounts receivable management. Our experience allows you to overcome market challenges, anticipate and manage change and move your business to where you want to be. Our global network and proven operational approach ensure uniform implementation of your customer contact anywhere in the world-as quickly and economically as possible. With a client history spanning over 80 years, 4 G is truly the most trusted pioneer in essential non-core outsourcing.

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4 G has implemented a scalable,technical infrastructure.
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